Are colors that important to use on your blog?
Are colors that important?


The colors that you use say a lot about who you are and about your business.

They should reflect your brand and ‘feelings’ associated with your product or services.

You should have your colors in themes too.

A main color followed by four or five supporting colors would be best.

Most websites have a white background. This makes reading the text much easier.

White or off-white backgrounds are certainly the best.

You can showcase your brand, however, by using other colors subtly.

This blog may look quite plain, but the headings and links are in a medium green.

Green is the color of vitality and creativity.

It sends a message of freshness and reliability too.

The white background really highlights the cartoons, which are very brightly colored.

The worst thing you can do is have a black or dark background and use white or yellow text.

While this might look okay on your large computer monitor it does not translate well to tablets or phones.

The text will be too hard to read and if that happens most people will give up and to the next site that is much easier to read.

Simply, warm colors like red, yellows and oranges, evoke feelings of love, power, and energy.

Cool colors like blues and purples give feelings of restrain and order. These too can be powerful, but in a steady manner rather than the passionate power of red.

Have you noted what emotions you want associated with your brand and thus reflected on your site?

If not, it’s a good exercise and will give you a clearer understanding of how to best utilize images too.

Are colors that important to use on your blog?
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