Publish your blog posts to your Facebook page.

Rather than have them published to your timeline, having them appear on your Facebook page allows your followers to see all your posts in the one place.

From here you can share them on your timeline.


Publish your blog posts to your business Twitter account.

While Twitter doesn’t allow you to separate your posts between personal and business you can grow your audience by following people who are going to be interested in what you have to offer.


Pinterest is great if you have products to sell.

Its image-based platform allows you to showcase the details and options of items.

Use clear images and always provide links back to your site.

8 social media apps and platforms that allow you to share your blog posts
Share your blog posts on social media


B2B is where LinkedIn really comes to its own.

Repost your blog posts to reach a wider audience from all over the world.


Hootsuite can allow you to publish multiple tweets or posts to your social media accounts.

You can use their bulk message loader, which now includes images and links.

Once you have your tweets and links set up, it only takes a few minutes a day to send out your messages.

You can also share tweets of your friends and colleagues.


Crowdfire helps to keep your Twitter followers in check.

Follow and unfollow options are easy to use, especially on smartphones too.


Do you have a group of like-minded individuals who want to share each other’s tweets?

Create a hashtag and combine it with a twitter group and RoundTeam will repost and share the tweets for you.

8 social media apps and platforms that allow you to share your blog posts
Twitter is popular with businesses

Retweet old posts

There are a few different apps available for WordPress blogs that repost for posts automatically.

They will repost old posts on a regular basis.

If you have a blog with 100 posts and over, this is a great option to keep your followers engaging in your blog.

Search around for the ones which are compatible with your theme and test away.

8 social media apps and platforms that allow you to share your blog posts
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