There is no doubt that online retail is here and it’s here to stay.

Unlike going to a physical store, however, consumers aren’t able to pick up and see the product they want to purchase.

If you have an online store or a business which uses products, creating a product review blog post is a great way to inform and educate your followers.

If you are a car salesman, why not write a post about the best car washing sponge?

If love plants, what type of shovels or hoes do you prefer?

You could even add affiliate links and make a few dollars for every sale.

1. Use clear images of the product

Before you start writing make sure you have some great images you can use which show how you use the product.

Avoid using the glossy ones from the place of purchase.

Add authenticity to your post by showing how you use the product and where.

2. Compare the product to others

Given you know a lot about your field, you’ll also know which products work best for you.

Review three or four and give them a star rating.

5 ways to create a ‘product review’ blog post for your website
A ‘product review’ blog post will educate your followers.

3. Discuss colors and models

Point out that you prefer xyz model over the smaller version, zyx.

You may prefer one color over another too.

Tell your readers why you have made these choices.

This will give them more of an insight as to which one would best suit them.

4. Mention peripherals

Some products like printers and vacuum cleaners need peripheral products to ensure they work efficiently.

Talk about the pros and cons of these – are they expensive; do they enhance the products use more?

5. Maintenance

Even the smallest of knives needs sharpening; the soapiest of car washes needs rinsing off and largest machine needs a good oil.

How do you maintain the product?

Should it be kept out of the light, for example?

Is there anything a consumer should know about a product that might alter their opinion of whether to purchase it or not.


With all product reviews, honesty is the key.

Your followers are going to know if you are just promoting a product or if have a genuine interest in their well-being by the honesty contained in your blog post.


5 ways to create a ‘product review’ blog post for your website
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