People love to read a good story.

We are naturally hardwired to listen and pay attention when someone is telling us one.

Your daily routine is like a story, one which if written well, your followers will find engaging.

In this post we are going to suggest a way you can use details to enhance your blog post.

1. Avoid using the word ‘then’

Nothing is more boring than a ‘…and then…’ story.

Other words to avoid are ‘just’ and most of the words that end with ‘ould’.

5 ways to create a ‘day in the life’ blog post for your website
A ‘day in the life’ blog post could add intrigue about you.

2. Begin paragraphs with ‘ing’ words

Present participle verbs (those ending with ‘ing’) add a real flavour of action and interest to any story.

For example:

“Driving into the office is normally hectic, but today was an exception.”

3. Use humor

Everyone loves a clown, so they say.

However, without going to overboard bring a little bit of humor into your blog post.

4. Use details – lots!

Details help paint an interesting picture.

Everyone drinks coffee from a mug, but not everyone has a mug with a tap for a handle.

Most business men wear suits, so talk about the significance of the tie you are wearing.

5. Keep your post on a high

No one wants to be bogged down with how difficult your job is.

Weave what it is about your day which you love the best.

What inspires you and makes you passionate?


Remember, people go online to be entertained.

You might not think you are interesting, but you are – we all are.

Whether you are a managing director, a carpenter or a teacher, a ‘day in the life’ blog post is sure to create a lot of interest if crafted well.


5 ways to create a ‘day in the life’ blog post for your website
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