5 tips to help you mange time effectively in your business?
Mange time effectively.

If you are an old hat at being an entrepreneur of a newbie, you are going to find time management is one of the biggest issue you are going to confront.

Many new businesses owners are amazed to find they are working double the hours they did when they had a paid job.

This can equate up to 120 hours a week, stretched over 7 days.

To help manage your time better follow these tips:

1.      Make a list of all things you don’t like doing

2.      Investigate hiring a virtual assistant. With today’s technology this person could live on the other side of the globe. It is easy to communicate using emails and Skype.

3.      Be prepared to put some time into training your VA

4.      Assign them the tasks that you don’t like doing. These might be posting to Facebook, sending out emails to your followers or researching your industry area.

5.      Consider hiring other professionals. While a VA can handle the day-to-day mundane tasks, hiring a specific person to do look after other aspects of your business is a good idea too. A professional content writer can write posts and articles for you and post them too. This person could handle all the content and market driven articles including ensuring they are posted to the correct social media platforms.

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve run a business for many years, freeing up your time so you can be more creative and productive is going to ensure your busy is a great success.


5 tips to help you mange time effectively in your business?
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