Many business have great websites but they are missing these few points which can make a difference to the site’s overall performance.

A great website will have visitors staying longer and a lower bounce rate.

This will encourage search engines to send more and more people to the site and increase the number of potential clients or customers the business has.

1. Place a compelling call to action in the top fold

Many people don’t scroll or swipe down.

If you place your call to action immediately in front of their eyes, there will be a greater chance they will click on it.

2. Sliders and header images

Use sliders and header images with pain points and a clickable solution on your landing or home page

Nothing grabs a visitor’s attention like stunning images that immediately address their issues with compelling questions.

Add to this your call to action and / or a solution to these pain points and your visitors will be more engaged.

5 things you can do now to improve your website’s performance
5 things you can do now to improve your website’s performance

3. Content, content, content

Post blog posts and other content 2 to 3 times per day.

We have discussed how to format your content on this site before.

Keep posts to between 250 and 400 words and include an image every 150 words.

This will make your content easier to read on phones and tablets and short enough to read over a cup of coffee.

4. Give something away

Offer a free report, checklist, cheat sheet or video in exchange for your visitors email.

5. Be generous

Create content on your site and within your emails that adds value to your customers’ experience.

Don’t spam them with “buy now” links a lot.

The more generous you are the greater you will come across as trustworthy.

Building relationships goes a long way to establishing your credibility online and increases your website’s performance because people come back and stay longer on it.


5 things you can do now to improve your website’s performance
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