In How to create a ‘guest’ blog post for your website – we looked at some interesting ways you can entertain your guests and your readers.

Sharing external links with other websites is always a positive move.

It enhances your users’ experiences and the search engines love it.

When you host a guest blog post you want the article to be engaging and memorable.

Here are 5 tips you can use to encourage deeper engagement:

1. Where do you live?

We all live in different towns, places and countries.

Ask your guest to explain why they live in a particular area and what 5 things every visitor to their town should do.

This might be visiting the local museum or trying the “world famous” cakes at the bakery.

5 things to include when creating a guest blog post
Things to include when creating a guest blog post

2. What was your proudest moment?

This is one of those questions that takes each of us out of our normal everyday lives.

The answers you receive from your guests might surprise and enlighten you and your readers.

3. What has been your darkest hour?

You might get the same response for this question as “What was your proudest moment” because rallying from a dark place to a bright one takes a lot of courage.

But it is these moments of struggle that make us human and helps us all to connect.

4. What is your most memorable meal?

Food connects us in so many ways.

We love to eat together and share recipes.

Your guest is no exception to this rule.

Their answer may tell you something special about them that no everyone knows.

5 things to include when creating a guest blog post
Most memorable meal?

5. Create a “10 things no one knows about me” list

This can be a fun thing to do.

We all have funny, quirky things that we like to do that no one really knows about.

We all have public and private faces too.

People love to get behind public faces and find out more about an individual.

Sharing a list like this will encourage your visitors to find out more about your guest.

Including any of these points in your guest post is sure to pique anyone’s interest and make them want to find out more about you and your guest.


5 things to include when creating a guest blog post
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