5 things that go into making a great image
5 things that go into making a great image

Why you may not be aware every image you see has 5 elements which go into making it very powerful, and most importantly memorable.

If it hasn’t, you won’t remember it because it hasn’t left a sizeable impact on you anyway.

  1. The first important thing is the subject. Be honest with your followers and depict subjects that are true to your brand. Chose subjects that reflect who you are, and inspire others to follow you. The subject is the first thing that people will see – make it something they will remember.
  2. Composition. This is essentially how the image is framed and what is included. It should invite the viewer to stop and want to know what the subject is doing. The composition of an image communicates what the image is trying to say. There shouldn’t be anything in the image that might distract away from the subject.
  3. Capturing the moment. This might seem silly if you are selling products, but when we see images of people using vacuum cleaners they are not struggling with a sore back vacuuming under the couch. The images show that ‘ah, ha!’ moment when they realise how great the product is.
  4. Light is essential for clear, friendly images. Dark, shadowy images convey feelings of fear and may seem sinister. This might be something you want to think about if you are selling ghost tours of the local asylum, but not toasters.
  5. What emotional impact do you want to give your readers? This could be a combination of the elements above, or all of them combined. The images you use should be create feelings and emotions that will encourage your followers to engage in you or your company.

5 things that go into making a great image
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