5 ideas for writing great blog posts
5 ideas for writing great blog posts

When you start blogging there are probably hundreds of ideas racing around inside your head.

Over a period of weeks or maybe months, if you are lucky, these will dwindle away.

Once you’ve got through the ‘hows’ or ‘whys’ you might find yourself struggling for ideas.

Here are five ideas to help get the creative writing juices working:

1.       Go back through old posts and pick out key sentences. Use these as your titles and write a new blog post from them.

2.       Read through the news each day. Is there an article or event which relates to your blog? If so, write about it. Be careful not to just share the link directly to the article as many news sites archive articles quickly. Instead, share the link to the newspaper’s home page. This way your site won’t suffer from broken links.

3.       Visit an online store and see if any of the products relate to your topic. If so, why not set up an affiliate account and earn some extra money when people purchase an item through the links on your site.

4.       Review books on your topic. Again, you can use affiliate links to earn a bit of extra cash and people are always interested in books on any topic.

5.       Search your topic though Google or another search engine and select ‘images’. Do any of the pictures give you ideas to write about?

Ensuring that you post regular posts is one of the key successes to building an online presence.

You are going to need to cover a wide variety of subjects to keep coming up with new and inspiring posts.


5 ideas for writing great blog posts
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