3 things to look for when hiring a content writer
3 things to look for when hiring a content writer

There is no doubt that content drives people to your website or blog.

The more posts and articles you have published the more you have to offer which will result in greater traffic.

Writing content is not easy, well, it’s not hard but it does take time.

Your posts have to contain a certain number of words – see here for a longer explanation.

They also need to be formatted in such a way they are easy to read on a variety of devices, and they have the right balance of keywords sprinkled in them.

What to look for when hiring a content writer

There are a lot of people writing content.

Some are doing it professionally, others for part time work.

If you are looking to hire someone you should take into consideration the following:

1.A good writer should care about the end product

Work with someone who is going to take the same care with your post as they would their own.

It’s your business and your income and you want someone who cares about it as much as you do.

2. Look for someone who has a diverse range of experiences writing on different subjects

It’s easy to write about a topic when you have spent your life immersed in it.

A good writer should be able to write about anything, given time and good research skills.

3. You’ll need to hire someone who understands how to blog posts are read across a variety of devices.

This means they will keep sentences short and won’t use complex words.

You don’t want visitors leaving your site just because your posts are unreadable.

You may not have time to write all the posts yourself.

You may not have the inclination either.

If you are considering hiring someone take these three points into consideration before using them.


3 things to look for when hiring a content writer
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