In, Why would a teacher need a blog? we looked at the importance of teachers having an online profile.

In this post we are going to suggest 10 things that teachers can blog about.

Being aware that there are many privacy issues related to teaching and keeping children safe, we came up with these ideas –

1. A day in the life

This can be a fun post where you give a step by step guide to what you do each school day.

Alternatively, you could add a bit of spice and talk about your superpowers and how you live a double life – teacher by day; superhero by night.

2. A teacher’s proudest moment

Teachers love to see others succeed.

What have been your proudest moment as a teacher and an inspirer of children?

3. The day when nothing went right!

Come on, we’ve all had those days.

We’re not suggesting you retell the day you lost Year 3B at the zoo.

Rather talk about how it doesn’t matter how well you plan your lessons, something or someone will nearly always interrupt them.

Why would a teacher need a blog?
The day nothing went right!

4. A list of things you do to relax

Do you read, run or play with the chickens?

Do you like to climb cliffs or talk to your neighbours about hydrangeas?

Showing your other interests shows the deeper side of your personality.

5. Your favourite movie and book as a child

This could be two separate posts so give a lot of details about what they were and how they inspired you.

You might also still have books from your childhood. Why not take them and share them with your students.

6. Who was your favourite teacher at school?

We all had that special teacher who managed to get the best out of us.

Who was yours?

7. Who was your worst teacher at school?

Then there was that teacher who scared us to death! Without naming names, what things did this teacher do that you learnt didn’t work in the classroom?

Why would a teacher need a blog?
That awful teacher at school.

8. Has anything funny happened on the way to school?

The best laid plans… etc etc

Did anything strange, funny or exciting happen one day while you were getting to school?

9. What three things don’t your students know about you?

While it is understandable that you would want to keep some things private, list off three things that show what a complex and interesting person you are.

10. Is there any other teachers in your family?

Some families are packed full of teachers and others only have one or two.

How does your family react to you being a teacher and why?


10 great ideas that teachers can blog about
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