In, Why would a storyteller need a blog, we looked at how a storyteller could benefit from maintaining a well-populated blog.

Storytellers are creative souls who can tell a great story to just about anyone.

They often work with the elderly or children.

But, the truth is we all love listening to a good story no matter how old we are.

Storytelling is a craft that is generous in its very nature – sharing stories, ideas and time helps to bring families and communities together.

Here are 10 great ideas any storyteller can write about on his or her blog

1. Adding emphasis

A good storyteller knows when to raise their voice and when to lower it.

Adding emphasis like this is a real skill.

How do you use it to enthrall your audience?

2. Pausing

There is nothing better to maintain your audience’s attention than to stop and pause mid-sentence.

Explain the impact this has on you and the story.

10 great ideas that storytellers can blog about
10 tips to keep storytellers blogging.

3. Hand gestures

Can there be too many hand gestures?

Can a storyteller’s hands be distracting or can they add value to the details in the story?

4. History of a particular story

A lot of people would love to learn the history behind their favourite story or nursery rhyme.

Share these types of posts on a regular basis.

5. A favourite story

Every storyteller has their favorite story: One that resonates with them.

Talk about this story and how it affects you as an individual and why it is important.

6. Costumes

Do use wear costumes or brightly coloured clothes?

Why or why not?

Do these distract from the story or add to it?

7. Props

Traditional storytellers don’t use many props, but they can be useful particularly for a younger audience.

What is your view on using props to tell a story?

10 great ideas that storytellers can blog about
Tell your story with great blog posts.

8. The best story time ever

Tell a story about the best story telling event you were at.

Use it to celebrate the art of storytelling and to inspire your followers to consider hiring a storyteller at their next event.

9. What happens when you forget the story?

Each time a story is told, it is told slightly differently.

Give some examples and discuss whether or not it matters.

10. Bringing a story to its end

What is the best way to end a story?

Quietly or with a bang!?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of either approach?

To inspire others to fall in love with storytelling and to employ more storytellers, use your blog to showcase your unique skills and talents, and to celebrate an art form that is as old as time.

10 great ideas that storytellers can blog about
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