To increase traffic to your website and through your door, a plant expert or a plant nursery need a well maintained and active blog.

This will ensure organic traffic flows and keeps those cars rolling off the lot.

In, Why would a plant expert or a plant nursery need a blog, we looked at why a plant expert or a plant nursery should have a blog (not just a website).

In this article we are going to help you get on your way.

Here is a list of 10 topics you could write blog posts about.

1. What’s new in the nursery?

Each month brings new and exciting plants and hybrids. Use this opportunity to showcase them and have a “Plant of the Month” section.

2. Trends and fads in garden designs

How are garden designs changing? Are watering restrictions affecting what we grow in our garden?

10 great ideas for plant experts and plants nurseries.
10 great ideas for plant experts and plants nurseries.

3. Native plants

Are native plants as popular as they should be? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing them?

4. Building a bird feeder

C’mon, everyone loves to feed the birds. Create a series of posts about how to use recycled products to make some snazzy feeders for your local birds.

5. Soils ain’t soils!

Discuss the types of soils in your area. What are the pitfalls and advantages of them, and what can be added for better plant growth?

6. What’s the best way to transport your plants?

No one likes getting home to find they’ve broken the leaves of their newly acquired plant.

Have you got any suggestions regarding the safest way to transport plants and trees?

7. Pots that enhance the look of the plants

While planters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, are some so bright they distract the eye away from the plant?

10 great ideas for plant experts and plants nurseries.
Paint a convincing picture of your expertise with your content.

8. Terrariums: what’s the big deal?

Terrariums are expensive and often difficult to maintain and yet people love them.

Talk about their history and advantages of having one in your home.

9. What kinds of bees live in your area?

Bees are essential for healthy plants and honey production, of course! What are the bees in your local area and who can the savvy gardener attract them to their garden?

10. Are there good bugs for your garden?

We’ve all seen images of plants destroyed by nibbling creepy crawlies, but are there any good bugs which your customers should encourage into their gardens?


10 great ideas that plant expert or a nursery can include on their blog
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