In, Why would a gym and fitness center need a blog? we looked at how having an active blog and website can benefit your business.

We also promised 10 great ideas that gym and fitness centers can blog about – and here, they are!

1. What are the best exercises to build [xyz] muscles?

Look at muscle groups and create separate blog posts about the sorts of exercise that would best benefit them.

2. Discuss the benefits of each super-food

We hear a lot about super foods and what and what not to eat. Give your clients your tips and thoughts about each food in a separate blog.

3. How many calories can you burn vacuuming?

Vacuuming can be strenuous exercise for the unfit or infirm.

How many calories could someone burn doing this and other household chores?

Encourage your clients to make a note of these activities and add them to their routine.

10 great ideas that gyms and fitness centers can blog about
10 great ideas for gyms

4. Staying positive

Easier said than done, that’s for sure.

Why not create a weekly post where guests talk about staying positive and motivation?

5. Healthy eating habits around special occasions

It’s easy to eat well when you stay at home, but what advice can you offer your clients at special times like Thanks Giving and Christmas?

6. How to plan a healthy wedding meals

Just because it’s your special day, doesn’t mean you have to overeat!

Help your clients think about how they can prepare healthy meals for those special times like weddings and birthdays.

10 great ideas that gyms and fitness centers can blog about
List ways to exercise outdoors for all ages.

7. Exercises for children who play video games (different ages)

What exercises would you encourage children do to who play too many video games?

You could talk about stretching and fun things a child could do that would encourage them to spend time outside more.

8. Exercising for the elderly

The older you get, the more you need to keep moving so teach older clients how to bend down, get out of bed and sit properly in a chair so they don’t injury themselves inadvertently.

9. Create a post for each staff member on their 5 favorite recipes

Each week one of your staff could share their favorite, healthy recipes.

You could even have a competition for the yummiest, and a special award.

10. What happens to your skin when you exercise?

This post could lead to a lot of others.

When we exercise we don’t often think about our skin or our hair.

What benefits does exercise have on these and other physical attributes?

10 great ideas that gyms and fitness centers can blog about
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