To increase traffic to your website and through your door, car sales people and dealerships need a well maintained and active blog.

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This will ensure organic traffic flows and keeps those cars rolling off the lot.

Here is a list of 10 topics you could write blog posts about.

Remember to use the make and model of the cars and the local areas where you want your customers to come from.

This will ensure the search engines send the right people directly to your door.

Why would a car salesperson need a blog?

1. Cleaning your new car

Every new car owner loves to clean and polish their new car, but are some cleaning products worse than others?

What would you recommend they use to keep that new-car feelings?

2. Safety tips

Are there 5 or 10 safety tips you would recommend people follow when they drive their car for the first time?

Positioning mirrors and checking how quickly the brakes work, are 2 suggestions.

3. Repairs and services

Sure, this is standard in the all car manuals, but are there any tips you can recommend to your customers so they get the most out of each service?

4. Fancy buttons

Each year new and interesting gadgets are built into new cars.

What fancy buttons do your cars have?

5. Advances in headlights

No one can argue that there has been a remarkable change in the design of headlights.

Why have these changes come about and what differences do they make?

Car sales persons should keep on top of blogging.
Car sales persons should keep on top of blogging.

6. Boots and trunks

They differ a lot from vehicle to vehicle.

What are some of the strangest things people have tried to carry in the boot?

A quick check on Youtube should turn up some amazing videos to share.

7. Reading lights

Do we still need reading lights in cars now everything is linked either via Bluetooth and our phones?

If so, why are they there?

8. Day trips – places to go in your new car

No one likes the thought of their lovely new car sitting in the garage all day.

You could do a quick 250 word blog post each on all the different places that are one day’s drive away.

9. Clubs and associations

What’s the benefit of joining auto clubs and associations?

Does your dealership support any?

What’s normally involved in joining one?

10. Reviews of auto magazines

Seen anything in an auto mag or your trade magazine which is worth sharing?

Share it on your blog and remember to source where the original content came from.


10 great ideas that car sales people and car dealerships can blog about
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