10 great ideas that bakers can blog about

In, Why would a baker need a blog? we looked at the importance of bakers creating an online space where they could showcase the delicious goodies they create.

In this post we are going to suggest 10 things that bakers can blog about to help them get on their way.

1. A day in the life

What time of day do you start work? When do you finish?

What small things go into filling up your busy day?

2. The best cake ever!

What was the best cake you created?

What was great about it? Who was it for?

3. The best thing about baking for others is…

People love to eat and share food with their families.

Why do you love to bake for others?

Why would a baker need a blog?
Why would a baker need a blog?

4. What is your customers’ favorite?

Every baker must have that one thing that is their customers’ favorite treat.

What’s yours?

5. Who does clean all those baking trays?

There must be a lot of baking trays and things to wash up at the end of the day.

Who does it all?

6. Have you ever got used to getting up early?

Bakers are renowned for getting up at 4 am to bake the day’s bread.

Do you just get used to it or have you always been an early bird?

7. Do you use your mother’s or grandmother’s recipes?

Many great recipes are handed down and they share those people we love and their history.

Do you use any recipes that have been handed down?

8. What is the strangest cake you’ve ever been asked to create?

Ever had to create a skull cake for a Goth?

What about a vampire or cake made from unusual ingredients?

Why would a baker need a blog?
Blogs topics should be varied and interesting.

9. What is the best teas or coffees that go with your cakes?

Some cakes seem made to be accompanied by specific teas or coffees.

What are your recommendations?

10. What kinds of bread to you bake?

Today there are hundreds of breads available.

Which ones do you make for your customers?

Has this changed over the years?


10 great ideas that bakers can blog about
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