To promote and market your books, you’ll need to increase traffic.

To achieve this every author needs a well maintained and active blog.

In, Why would an author need a blog?, we looked at why an author needed a well populated blog.

In this article we are going to help you on your way.

Here is a list of 10 topics you could write blog posts about.

Why would an author need a blog?
Why would an author need a blog?

1. Relationships

All books have characters that have some kind of relationship with other characters of things.

Are these based on your real experiences?

Where did the idea come from?

2. Historical perspective

All books have a historical perspective. Even modern books will be dated soon.

Can you relate your book to a particular time and place?

Or, is it timeless, like many children’s books?

What are the advantages of either of these points of view?

3. Current issues

Does your book cover topics or issues which readers might be familiar with?

Do any of the characters look after the environment?

Are they aligned with one political party or another?

4. Characters

Talk about how you developed certain characters.

Who or what inspired you to create them?

Are they based on real people or a fictional person which your readers can still identify with?

10 great ideas that authors and publishers can blog about
Blog about different aspects of your book.

5. Places – real or invented

All books are set somewhere.

People living in towns or cities might be interested to read a book set in the area where they live.

Are there any landmarks they can identify with?

6. Similar books

What other books are available which are like yours?

How do they differ or in what ways are they similar?

7. A day in the life of you, the author

Everyone wants to know how creative people work.

Describe your day, as a writer, and give details of how you spend your time.

8. What has inspired you to write today?

Writing is a lonely task and can be difficult to continue without feedback.

What keeps you coming back to your desk over and over again?

9. What other authors can you showcase?

Hold guest spots for other authors.

Share their thoughts about what they enjoy writing about and what inspires them.

10. An overview of the different places where your book is for sale

Give a short run down about the places your books are available for sale.

This will allow you to also present the various formats your book is available in and the varying costs.

Your followers may prefer one site over another.

If they know your book is available on a site they prefer it might convince them to purchase it.

10 great ideas that authors and publishers can blog about
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