If you are a busy plumber and you are plunging away in search of some great ideas to tap into for your blog (all puns intended, sorry!).

We here at Get Online Fast have the some cracking ideas you can pipe into.

If you need any more help, just drop us a line (a plumbline… get it!!)

1. Tap washers

The great mystery of the novice. What are tap washer and what are the best sort. Why do they wear out and is this something anyone can change?

2. Blocked sinks

Let’s not worry about how it got there, but what are the advantages of using a plunger over a product like Draino?

3. Latest range of taps

Until you’ve decided to build or renovate, you’ve probably paid no attention to taps at all, but boy, oh boy, are there a lot to choose from.

4. The best showerheads

Some people like the water coming from their showerheads to be like soft, gentle rain; others needles of searing pain – so, what’s the advantages or disadvantages of either?

5. Saving water tips

Since they started charging us for water, we have been trying to find the best ways to save it.

Whether it’s collecting runoff in water tanks or just washing the dishes less, there are lots of ways to save water you can share with your online visitors.

Why would a plumber need a blog and a website?
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6. Rain water tanks

Should every house have one? Can the water go stale? If so, what precautions should someone use when plumbing one into their home?

7. 5 ways to maintain a healthy drainage system

Let’s face it, stuff in drains stinks. Is there a way of maintaining a healthy drain?

8. What is greywater and how can it be utilized properly?

Greywater can be saved, but for how long and what can it be used for? Should you wash the dog in it or water the garden?

9. Things to consider before turning the water off at the mains

Turning off the mains is usually as easy as turning off a tap, but what things should people be aware of before they lean down and twist anti-clockwise?

10. The most expensive thing I found in a drain!

How many times has Aunt Bertha told us off the time she lost her wedding ring down the kitchen sink? What was the most expensive thing you’ve found in a drain? Gold, silver, diamonds?

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10 great blog ideas that plumbers can write about
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