Why would a dance instructor and dance studios need a blog?
Dance instructors and dance studios need a blog.

If you are a busy dance instructor and you find yourself slipping on the dance floor of blogging have we got some ideas for you.

If you’re not sure why you should be online in the first place click here to find out why.

We here at Get Online Fast have the some cracking ideas that will get your fingers dancing across the keyboard like a Fred and Ginger duo.

If you need any more help, just drop us a line.

1. Tips to have the perfect wedding waltz

No one wants to look like a klutz on their special day. Provide a few tips to help even the clumsiest groom look like Gene Kelly.

2. Two left feet? Let’s dance anyway

Dancing is good for the soul and surely there are dance steps for even the most uncoordinated person.

3. What is the best size heels to wear when dancing?

Ballroom dancers, salsa champions, just to name a few, wear elegant shoes but is there a regulation heel size.

4. Where did the rumba originate?

Dances have been evolving and changing from the beginning of time. Where do the most popular dances originally come from?

5. What are five things I need to know about modern jazz?

Make a list of things about modern jazz for the unexperienced, the novice and the seasoned dancer.

6. Why don’t most people understand modern interpretative dance?

Is modern interpretative dance for dancers or is the rest of the population missing something?

7. What is the latest dance crazy hitting the streets?

Report on what young dancers are doing on street corners and in discos.

8. 5 ways to encourage your son to dance

Girls have always been more familiar with their bodies than boys. List ways a parent can encourage their son to dance and move freely.

9. What are the best dance moves for toddlers?

Toddlers are growing fast. Are there dance moves that will help their motor skills develop?

10. Should teenagers learn to waltz? Why?

List some reasons why young people should learn old time dances. Is it about reliving what their grandparents did or challenging misconceptions about dances which are old fashioned.


10 great blog ideas that dance instructors can write about on their blog
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