Authors, Your Book is now Your Business

And, you need to be found online to reach your audience and sell your book.

 Other authors are online and attracting new readers every day so why not you?

Don’t waste money on expensive and ineffectual advertising.

Learn how to create a compelling website full of content that will attract the right visitors – people who are looking for your book.

You can use social media, but everything you post is lost within minutes.

You can keep on reposting on social media, but where does it end?

If you build a quality website which attracts the right kind of people you only need to do this once.

Don’t waste your precious time reposting to social media when you could be writing.

Instead, build a website that attracts people who want to buy your book.

We can help you get found online and attract readers!

We Offer a Comprehensive Program which teaches you how to build your website to attract the type of readers who are looking for your book.

Authors Online

This Program Includes:

What goes into a compelling website

How to create sharable content which attracts the right kind of visitors

How to create high quality videos, and how to use them to sell your book

How to use visually-impacting images that will support your book

How to get greater SEO through guest spots, hosting guests and more

How to use social media, affiliate marketing and more!

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Need a website but don't want to spend thousands?Quality, reliability, and fairness are key factors in content creation, and in particular blog posts. I was impressed by both Susan’s work and performance. I will certainly make use of her services again, and will readily refer Susan to my clients.



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Great, affordable websites for authors






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